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Jeanette McClelland Aug 31

Jeanette is a founding member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Alberta Chapter (1980), and has been an executive director who received numerous service and painting awards. Jeanette is an artist through and through and has spent most of her life devoted to her art, working prolifically in all mediums and subject matter, painting and teaching - sharing her exploration of artistic knowledge with others.

Jeanette is best known for her portraits, especially those honouring North American First Nations People. Her artistic purpose is to promote the Art of Portraiture.
The complexity of spirit and expression of human nature, touches the soul. 

Claudia Schellenberg

Claudia was born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland. From 1983 to ’85 she learned the trade of house painting, and worked in the trade for thirteen years until her son Severin was born in 1998. In 2001 she moved with her husband and son to Canada, a long time dream, after travelling extensively in the United States and Canada. Claudia has enjoyed drawing and painting since her early school days, and started painting watercolours in 2002. She attends painting courses and learns from books. She loves the outdoors and hiking, and from this she gets her inspiration for art. Claudia joined CAAG in 2004. Her current works may be found at the Canmore Public Library Art Gallery and the Canmore General Hospital Gallery. She has paintings in private collections in Switzerland, Japan and the United States.

Contact Claudia at either: 403-609-4128 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sharon Lynn Williams

Sharon Lynn Williams is a painter and teacher from Calgary and is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists and Federation of Canadian Artists.

Sharon has also been happily exploring mixed-media for over 15 years, and her mantra is “What would happen if…” The excitement of working through chaos to order is invigorating and creates a dialogue between the work and the artist. Sharon enjoys working with bold colour, line and texture. Her work is formed by the landscapes that she paints en plein air.

Sharon began painting oils 'en plein air' (in the fresh air) as she longed to escape the confines of her studio and connect once again with nature. In her plein air work she tries to capture what interests her the most in a scene and put it into an compelling design; focusing on simplifying shapes and filling them with interesting colour. Sharon’s desire is that her paintings will transport the viewer into the pictorial world to connect with the majesty of Nature, as she herself has done.

Visit Sharon’s website at:

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