Every Step Out is an Adventure

Category: Activities


Bow Glacier Falls

4.6 km one way

155 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip

Helen Lake

6.0 km one way

455 m elevation gain

4 - 5 hour round trip

Bow Summit Lookout

2.9 km one way

245 m elevation gain

2.5 hour round trip

Cirque Lake

4.2 km one way

150 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip

Chephren Lake

3.5 km one way

80 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip


Sightseeing & Photography

Bow Lake

Out the door of the lodge



Peyto Lake

7 minutes North



Herbert Lake

30 minutes South



Waterfowl Lake

15 minutes North



Mistaya Canyon

25 minutes North



Saskatchewan Crossing

30 minutes North






Kayaking & Canoeing

Lake Louise

Rentals are available



Moraine Lake

Rentals are available



Emerald Lake

Rentals are available




Horseback Riding

Lake Louise

Various trail rides are available



David Thompson Hwy.

Various trail rides are available



Other available activities include:  Backpacking, Bird Watching, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Geocaching, Hot Springs and Whitewater Rafting.


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