Every Step Out is an Adventure


Bow Glacier Falls

4.6 km one way

155 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip

Helen Lake

6.0 km one way

455 m elevation gain

4 - 5 hour round trip

Bow Summit Lookout

2.9 km one way

245 m elevation gain

2.5 hour round trip

Cirque Lake

4.2 km one way

150 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip

Chephren Lake

3.5 km one way

80 m elevation gain

3 hour round trip


Sightseeing & Photography

Bow Lake

Out the door of the lodge



Peyto Lake

7 minutes North



Herbert Lake

30 minutes South



Waterfowl Lake

15 minutes North



Mistaya Canyon

25 minutes North



Saskatchewan Crossing

30 minutes North


Kayaking & Canoeing

Lake Louise

Rentals are available



Moraine Lake

Rentals are available



Emerald Lake

Rentals are available




Horseback Riding

Lake Louise

Various trail rides are available



David Thompson Hwy.

Various trail rides are available



Other available activities include:  Backpacking, Bird Watching, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Geocaching, Hot Springs and Whitewater Rafting.



When Bow Lake thaws in June, summer arrives like a gift. The sun melts the snow-capped peaks and waterfalls flow again. The creeks run fast through the meadows. Lake trout begin to bite. To the woods the bluebirds, robins and hummingbirds return to nest. Deep in the quiet valley, bears, moose, mountain goats, and mule deer roam undisturbed.

During the long summer days our guests hike far into the mountains and back for the night. An easy walk along the glacial blue lake reveals rare alpine flowers, evergreen forests and sparkling creeks. This much beauty can fill up your day and your soul.

Summer Activities:


The mountains surrounding Bow Lake offer many levels of hiking trails for the beginner and experienced hiker. Many of our suggested trails are perfect for families with small children.


Bow Lake is home to many varieties of Lake Trout including Dolly Varden and Bull Trout. National Park fishing licenses are available from our front desk.


Bring your camera and there are no limits to the beautiful photo opportunities you will be presented. Bow lake has some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable, from the Crowfoot and Bow Glaciers, the local wildlife, the many mountain peaks, to Bow Lake itself, you will not be disappointed. 

Star Gazing

Being located so far from a major city in the middle of the Rocky Mountain range, you will find that on a clear night with our extremely dark sky, you will have the chance to see some amazing constellations, and depending on the time of year and conditions, possibly even the Milky Way or the Northern Lights. 


In Winter (sometimes winter happens when you don't expect it to here...yes that means July):



The area offers many great spots to strap on your snowshoes and see the beauty of the land when lies all in white.


Snowball Fight

Ok, so you don't have to fight but what's wrong with channeling the child inside and rolling a ball of snow in your hands in the interest of fun and games.


Cross Country Skiing

Get those ski's on and get out there Bow Lake and Helen Lake provide comfortable conditions for getting out for some fresh air and experiencing the change in landscape with its white cloak.


Ice Climbing

With glaciers and icefields all around you wouldn't have difficulty finding a great spot but don't forget safety first!

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