Keeping the Wild...Wild!

Planning Your Mountain Adventure

Local tourism for the Mountain Parks has done a fantastic job of providing information and resources for guests to the area to plan an experience as unique as the individuals experiencing them.  Many of those resources we've compiled for you here.


For more information please contact Banff & Lake Louise Tourism:

Lake Louise Visitor Information Centre  -  403-522-2744

201 Village Road, Samson Mall, Village of Lake Louise

Hours of Operation:

May 1 – June 12                                                               9am – 5pm

June 13 – September 1                                                      9am – 7pm

September 2 – October 13                                                  9am – 5pm


October 14 – April 30                  Thursday – Sunday            9am – 4:30pm


Parks Canada has also published additional resources that will help you in planning your Rocky Mountain adventure:


Excited Yet!?

Wild Banff National Park

Banff National Park was established by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the World Heritage Convention in 1885 and is Canada's oldest national park, encompassing 6,641 square kilometres of mountain, ice and forest.  Today, it is managed and protected under Parks Canada.  As our Lodge sits in the heart of Banff Park it is sanctioned by Parks Policies for the conservation of every wild thing, from the plants to the animals, all the living things that make this place so special and unique.

As guests of the Lodge we ask that you help to support the ecology of the area by:

  • packing out, what you pack in
  • if you think something is beautiful, leave it behind, the next person will too
  • pictures are a great way to cherish the memories without disrupting the fragile ecosystem
  • use marked trails to protect the littlest of plants that have such a short season for growth
  • respect that the wildlife are wild and give them their space

For more information on how you can help maintain and protect all that live in this region please see the enclosed link.

Bear & Wildlife Safety

Bears are incredible and beautiful animals, but they are still wild and untamed, therefore, it is important that they be respected.  This too is important for the various other types of wildlife that roam the mountains.  Parks Canada has published excellent resources for understanding and preparing guests to the mountain parks for a safe and enjoyable stay; these resources may be found below. 

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